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Protect Your Car
This Winter

Choosing the right place to store your vehicle for the winter can be a daunting task. During winter, experts say, a secure, indoor facility offers the best protection to keep your vehicle safe and road ready for the spring.
Here are four reasons to choose Pollock Auto Restoration for winter storage of your vehicle or collection:

It's Safe - the facility is monitored by a sophisticated security system that will alert police and fire of any emergencies. Also, your car is monitored daily by the facility staff.

It's Indoor - the 25,000 square-foot building is climate protected. Your vehicle stays out of the harsh winter weather.

It's Insured - Your vehicle is fully insured against damage while in Pollock’s facility.

It's a Great Value - For just a few dollars a day you can rest assured that your car is safe and protected from the elements. 

We also offers long- and short-term storage for your small truck, motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike.

For more information or to make an appointment contact Pollock Auto Restoration at 610-323-7108 or send an email to

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December  2010

A Look Through
the Rearview Mirror

By Dave Hutchison

This year’s Fall Hershey was much like years gone by… a little rain, a lot of sun, and thousands of vintage car enthusiasts.
More than 9,000 vendor spaces, many stuffed with every part from almost every vehicle ever made, kicked off this long weekend, which started on October 6 and ran though the Annual Fall Meet Show on October 9. 

This year, our vendor space was moved to Chevrolet Alley on the Red Field near the old stadium.  Our 1935 Hudson Terraplane in fresh paint drew a lot of attention as Hudson owners came by to pay a visit.  We also had a Birkin Super Seven on display, which provided an interesting contrast.  

As always, it’s great to see old friends and make new ones; Hershey sure is the place to do it!  I am always surprised by the numbers of car people who come from overseas to seek out deals on American iron. If you have never been to Fall Hershey, you must put it on your calendar next year to make the annual pilgrimage.

No sooner had Fall Hershey started, I packed up the Birkin on Friday afternoon and headed south to Gettysburg for the annual Lotus get together known as LOG 30 ( Lotus Owners Group).  This was the first time in 15 years that that a LOG has been held in Pennsylvania, so it was a must-do.
We have been to several LOGs in the past, but this was my first with my own car, a Lotus replica (or as a friend of mine referred to my Birkin as “Faotus”).  I have to remember to give him a ride sometime….. 

  A Look Through
the Windscreen

I encourage you come out and join your fellow car nuts this winter for a Club Holiday Party or two.  It’s a great time and place to meet like-minded people and the dinners are usually very couple oriented – it may be an excellent opportunity to get your significant other involved in the hobby.
This is also when we look ahead to plan the next years’ events and activities.  One of the clubs that we belong to is now talking about planning a driving tour adventure to Nova Scotia in 2012!
-- Dave Hutchison 
Last February, Ragtops & Roadsters helped the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia assemble a collection of British cars for the 2010 BMTA National Meeting.  It was well received by the public and the museum, and we are pleased to announce in 2011 we will again support the “Best of Britain” to be held from February 19 – March 20.
While we plan again to bring together an interesting collection of British sports and racing cars, we also plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic sports cars ever built …the Jaguar E-Type.

We are currently looking for cars to review for the 2011 Best of Britain exhibit.   If your British car has an interesting history or is a vintage racer, and you would like to have your car invited to be part of this event, please email a short bio about the car with couple of pictures to us here at the shop.
-- Dave Hutchison

Employee Spotlight: Rick Brodeur

When you meet Rick Brodeur (Delta Sigma Phi, 1969), your first impression is that of a college professor: distinguished and scholarly. Then you come to find that Rick’s classroom is not your typical run of the mill environment. Rick spends most of his time under the hood in a garage, and this would not be your typical garage either.

Rick has a passion for old English sports cars — MG’s, Triumph’s, Lotus, Austin Healey’s – those types of sports cars. So any day of the week, you’ll find Rick at the Ragtops & Roadsters shop in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, directing the staff as they restore classic old English sports cars.

MG Vintage Racers Celebrating
30 Years in 2011

The MG Vintage Racers will celebrate their 30th anniversary with two designated “Focus Events” for 2011: one on the West Coast, and one on the East Coast.
A MGVR “Focus Event” is a selected vintage race event where MGVR gets a vintage race sanctioning body to include some “all MG races” in their weekend’s schedule.  MGVR compliments the weekend with some of their own awards and social functions.  

All MG racers are encouraged to attend these events for an enjoyable weekend of MG racing and camaraderie.  This tradition has grown over the years and now includes both East and West Coast events.  

MGVR’s 30th anniversary will include a special celebration at the Lime Rock event, where MG and British car clubs are strongly encourage to have their members come watch and meet the MG racers.

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Do’s and Don’t
After a New Paint Job!

So you finally took the plunge and got your prized car a new paint job. It looks all bright and shiny sitting in your driveway.

Now what?

Curtis Bohn, our painter extraordinaire, offers these important tips:
DO NOT wax your car within the first 90 days; 
DO NOT use any aggressive soaps or wash pads; 
DO NOT run your car through an automatic car wash.
If you are compelled to wax your car, do it at the beginning of the season - just make sure you clean it first with a good detailer. It’s inevitable that your new paint job will be scratched – it’s okay to use some touch-up paint but be aware that it probably will not be an exact match.
Make sure that when your car is repainted that you get the exact paint formula. It will make it much easier to match the color in the future.

One other note -- a good professional detailer should be able to do minor chip repairs
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