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MGA Competition Windscreen
Now Available!

For the MGA owner looking for something extra, we are able to provide a replica of a “competition windscreen” that was offered by the factory as a dealer-installed option for all models of MGA roadsters. This is a cut-down windscreen approximately seven inches high with a “Perspex” windscreen as was originally supplied.
To fit and remove this special screen, the owner merely detaches the two grab handles on the stock screen, unbolts the four bolts securing the screen to the car, and lifts it off. To fit the competition screen, just drop it into the mounts and refit the four bolts to secure the posts. We’re sure you’ll like the new look and it will be much-admired at your next event.
We also offer a complete rebuilding service for the stock MGA windscreen assembly. In exchange for your tatty old windscreen frame, we will provide a re-plated frame assembled with all new hardware, new glass and new rubber, ready to bolt onto your car. Available for both the 1500 and 1600, (with or without the center clamp), this screen will improve the looks of your car quickly and easily. Like the competition windscreen, this unit is available completely assembled and ready to bolt onto your car.
In addition to the new MGA competition windscreen, we are able to offer exchange service for the MGB and Midget/Sprite aluminum frames, Triumph TR-2 and TR-3 chrome windscreen assemblies, and windscreens fitted to the T series MGs, MG-TC, MG-TD and MG-TF and Austin Healeys.
Other windscreens can be rebuilt by our complete process. Send an email or call us for more information (215-257-1202). 

Where Will Your Car
Spend the Winter?

When it comes to classic and antique automobiles, we feel the best storage solution is to not store your car at all. Instead, drive your car as much as possible to preserve it in top condition so you can enjoy it all year. 
Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, there’s no denying that even during January and February there are weekends with bright, sunny skies and beautiful conditions for getting in at least a short ride in your favorite car. And we encourage you to do just that—get out and enjoy it!
However, we understand there are circumstances when it might be necessary to put your car up for several months. Choosing the right place to store your vehicle for the winter can be a daunting task. 
During winter, experts say, a secure, indoor facility offers the best protection to keep your vehicle safe and road ready for the spring. Here are four reasons to choose Pollock Auto Restoration, our sister shop in Pottstown, Pa., for winter storage of your vehicle or collection:
  • It’s Secure - the facility is monitored by a sophisticated system that will automatically alert police and fire of any emergencies. Also, your car will be monitored daily by the facility staff.
  • It’s Indoors - the 25,000 square-foot building is climate protected. Your vehicle stays out of the harsh winter weather.
  • It’s Insured - Your vehicle is fully insured against damage while in Pollock’s facility.
  • It’s a Great Value - For just $4.75 per day, you can rest assured that your car is safe and protected from the elements. 
We would be happy to take care of your special car whatever length of time you need. We can also offer any level of maintenance that you feel is appropriate while your car is staying with us.
We also offer long- and short-term storage for your small truck, motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike.
For more information or to make an appointment, call Pollock Auto Restoration at 610-323-7108 or send us an email.

Triumphs Trek Northward

By Bob DeLucia
The 2011 Delaware Valley Triumph Fall Getaway was held the weekend of October 15-16.
Ten cars (assorted Triumphs, Jaguars, and one BMW) and couples made the back roads journey through northeastern Pennsylvania for the eventual overnight destination at the restored Lackawanna Train Station (now a Radisson Hotel), in downtown Scranton. 
After driving some great winding and hilly back roads on a route designed by Dave and Charlene Hutchison, we stopped for lunch in the Poconos at the Bear Creek Cafe near the Jack Frost/Big Boulder ski area. We then went under the city of Scranton for a very informative tour of the Lackawanna Coal Mine. 
Day two was either a steam-locomotive fall foliage or trolley car ride, from the U.S. National Park Service’s Steamtown National Historical Service, then a tour of the Steamtown Museum and/or the Electric City Trolley Museum. The weekend weather was great and a good time was had by all.

See More Photos from the Fall Getaway

Hershey 2011 - Fantastic Fall Days

I’m sure you’ve all heard the Hershey horror stories of mud, rain and generally unpredictable fall weather. 
This year was the exception, as the weather gods strung together four beautiful days without a drop of rain for us “car guys and gals” to meet without fighting the elements.  
We had a new vendor spot (CY45-46) on the Chocolate Field this year. Many old friends and some new ones stopped by for a visit. We even helped one of our clients find a new home for his Series III Jaguar Roadster.
On Friday evening, I attended the cocktail party hosted by Hagerty Insurance, just before the RM Auction at the Hershey Lodge. The party was held in part to celebrate the end of a long journey by a recent graduate of McPherson College.
Starting October 13, 2010, Jonathan Klinger set off driving a 1930 Model A everywhere he went; he drove no other modern daily driver for a year.
Why did he do it? "Because not everything a person owns should contain a computer,” he said. 
A graduate of the Automotive Restoration Program at McPherson, Jonathan chronicled his experience in a daily diary. He finished his epic journey at Hershey where it all began a year ago.   
Much to his surprise, McKeel Hagerty presented him with the “keys to the car” at the party.  Rumor has it he booked a flight home and had the car shipped.
The RM auction started off with some of the early cars not quite not reaching their expected marks.  More cars from the John O'Quinn estate went across the block and brought some good results.  
By far, the highlight of the night (see photo above) was when some smoke drifted in just before "La Marquise," the 1884 DeDion Bouton et Trepardoux Steam Runabout lightly “chuffed” (with help) up on stage! This has been reported to be the oldest running vehicle in the world, as it was built two years ahead of the gas-powered car built by Karl Benz.
RM Auction predicted that this car would sell for between $2 million and $2.5 million. The excitement grew as the bidding increased. Finally the 127-year-old "LeMarquise" brought $4.2 million, $1 million more than it sold for just four years ago!
The auction offered 115 lots, 97 which sold for an average of $103,000. Obviously, with the LaMarquise selling for $4.2 million, that number is somewhat distorted. However, there were some good buys to be had.  
One that stood out was an ex-Harrah 1921 Hudson Super Six Speedster that was estimated by RM auctions to sell between $40,000 and $45,000; the hammer fell at $27,500! 
Overall, sales were $10,062,450, up by 15.6 percent over last year. 
Steve Moskowitz, executive director of the Antique Auto Club of America, said he was in charge of ordering the good weather at Hershey; however, he only volunteered for a one-year term.  
Steve went on to say that more than 9,500 vendor spaces were filled, with only a handful of empty single spots here and there. This year set a record with more than 900 Car Corral spaces. Some thought attendance was lighter, possibly due to Tropical Storm Lee that flooded Hershey a couple of weeks before the Fall Meet.
However, AACA booth vendor sales were up from last year and a hotel room was hard to find.  Many vendors come to swap and, hopefully, break even on their stay. We were pleased to find a pair of rare original tail lamp lenses for the Hudson Terraplane we had on display!  
On Saturday, some 1,250 cars lined up to be judged in more than 40 classes.
I have to commend the volunteers who manage the vendors and show, and the incredible amount of traffic around the convention center. Their professionalism is what makes the event run well. 
If you have never been to a Fall Meet I suggest that you put next year’s dates (October 9-12) on your calendar now. As I have said before, be prepared for any kind of weather and wear a good pair of walking shoes.

Through the Windscreen

A Look At
Upcoming Events

We are changing the publication schedule for our Shop Talk
e-newsletter from monthly to quarterly in 2012. Look for our Winter Edition in early 2012.
We will be visiting several clubs at their holiday parties, some before the New Year and some after. We hope to see you at many collector car events during the next year.
As I write this, we are once again working to support the 22nd Concours d Elegance of the Eastern United States by bringing cars into the Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia for the
2012 International Philadelphia Auto Show that will be held from January 12 through February 5.  We are excited as this is to be our first year in the "new" convention center.  It's our understanding that the Eastern Concours d Elegance exhibit will be on the main floor with all the major manufacturers. Everything will be in one hall! Stay tuned for details in our winter Shop Talk.  
From all of us here, have happy holiday season. And if you haven't done it yet, make sure to prepare your vintage car for the winter.
Dave Hutchison

Calendar of Events

15-22: 41st Annual Barrett Jackson Auction, Scottsdale, AZ
28-February 5: Philadelphia International Auto Show, Philadelphia, PA  

24-26: Atlantic City Car Show & Auction, Atlantic City, NJ 

18-20: Best of Britain, Simeone Museum, Philadelphia, PA 

25: PALS Lotus Planning Meeting, Bethel, PA 

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Through the Rear View Mirror

A Look At Past Events 
As the driving season winds down, it was another busy year of great cars, great people and great fun.
Most recently, our annual pilgrimage to the Fall Meet in Hershey was one of the best in recent memory. The auction in Kutztown sent many parts out to those who can use them at very good prices.  
The fall weather has been good for touring and, once again, most of us were driving deep into November, despite the surprise Halloween snowstorm.  
Our Fall Open House at Pollock Auto Restoration, combined with the "Before We Put ‘Em Away Run,” was a tremendous success.
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